add – autonomous driving demonstrator

How might we show the experience of autonomous driving on a coffee table? Different concepts were developed to demonstrate the functions of autonomous vehicles without having the prototype of a real car. The Audi add – autonomous driving demonstrator works as a presentation and navigation tool in one. The installed laser projector projects the street and different traffic situations in front of the device. In doing so, the device acts like an object in an virtual environment. While the autonomous driving mode is off, the upper platform works as a navigation tool and you can navigate in the projected environment. If the autonomous driving mode is available, the demonstrator takes over and navigates. Installed lights indicate the driving functions like braking or the change of direction. The moderator can choose between
different environments and traffic situations via smartphone. add works for intern development processes of the Audi autonomous driving department as well as for presenting functions to customers.

TU Munich, Audi AG
Niklas Forchhammer

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