Seidlhof Kitchen

The Seidlhof is a unique and hidden place in Gräfelfing, in the west of Munich. It is the life’s work and passion of Elisabeth Seidl, who died in 2007. Since 2005 the Seidlhof-Stiftung takes care of the court. Its purpose is to promote organic farming, completely in the spirit of Mrs. Seidl. 

You can find a huge variety of traditional herbs, old crops and fruit trees. It’s their aim to especially make students aware of the advantages and great benefits of locally grown organic food. From sowing to harvesting, you could experience everything here. But a place to process the food, a kitchen, was missing. Thereby, the old empty courtyard offered an ideal opportunity.

How can the numerous experiences on the farm be transported into the kitchen? 
And how can the self-grown ingredients become a real experience for all guests in the kitchen and broaden the possibilities of local farming?

The concept should not only address the 5 senses, but consciously stimulate them.

In addition to a central, bright kitchen, accessible from all sides, I dedicated one room for the preparation and the common meal for up to 30 people. The spirit of the court is reflected in the choice of local, natural materials and craftsmanship. This project was great team work with Seidlhof-Stiftung, Heiß + Kirchhof Architekten (architecture and conversion planning), Schreinerei Schmid (furniture), Strunz Systembau and their partners (construction works) and Küchenstudio Groß (appliances).

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